Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why I Love My Dad

It's not the only reason, but it's a good one :)

River Rats

Lovely name, I know. River Rat is the name of the place Jen, Christi, and I went to rent tubes and float down the river.

Brian was out of town last week. He went with the youth group to Myrtle Beach, SC for camp. On my day off, I wanted a little "vacation" myself. So, I got my girls and headed to Townsend. It was so fun! We floated, we got stuck, we paddled with our hands, and we laughed a lot. Here are some pics:

Jen doesn't look convinced of the fun we're about to have.

In the tube :)

Me and Christi post float.
(I was trying to do a real self-portrait, but that's hard to do with my phone)
Wish I could've taken some pics on the water, but I wanted my phone to keep working.