Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lieutenant Brian Rozmus

I am so late in writing this and for that I apologize. Because Brian deserves recognition here.

The Thursday after we got back from our trip to visit Claire in Virginia, Brian had to work. He called me about mid-morning, which is per our normal routine. This time though, he had news - sort of. "Nathan wants to see me in his office" he said.

Nathan is the director of the ambulance service Brian works for. Brian went on to say that this meeting was apparently important enough to take their truck out of service so that Brian could be there. It was 10am. The meeting was set for 11:30. We talked a bit about what it might be. Normally, if something is out of line, Brian's direct supervisor would talk to him about it. We hoped it was something great. Brian said, "I'm either in big trouble or I'm getting a promotion." We got of the phone. I prayed and waited.

If you read the title of this blog, you know that it was great news! Nathan had asked Brian to accept the position of Assistant Supervisor, which would make him a Lieutenant. BUT, the change wouldn't be official until the following Monday. So we had to keep our excitement a secret :(

Monday came, and Brian went to his first officers meeting, where he was officially announced as the newest lieutenant. They gave him this great framed letter:

and new officer bars for his uniform (note: officer bars is not a technical term.  I'll have to ask what they are actually called):

and, of course, his white shirt:

I'm so very proud of Brian.  He loves his job and has been working very hard.  And since he's been in the position for a few weeks now, I'm also very proud of how he's transitioning.  He's in a new, busier station.  He has a new partner and lots of new responsibilities.  Brian is seeking to grow and be an intentional leader.  Praise God for this honor and new challenge.  These guys are excited and proud too:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Good Morning Date

Still being dinks (dual income no kids - just learned this term, so i'm using it :) and dinks with weird work schedules at that, Brian and I have the flexibility to do "date night" whenever we choose. Okay, not during the aforementioned weird work hours, but you get my point. Last week, Brian suggested we do something on Tuesday morning and it was great! Here's what went down:

After getting up (crucial first step) and having a yummy breakfast of eggs over medium (seriously one the the reasons I love Brian is his ability to make eggs over medium - they are so delicious, but intimidating to make) and english muffins, we packed up and headed to Starbucks for a little QT. It's no secret that giving me coffee is my love language - coffee is the fuel in my love tank.

We set up our computers and both spent some time with God. I'm studying Isaiah through Bible Study Fellowship and Brian is reading through the gospels - he's on Luke, I think. Then Brian worked on a blogpost for his blog and I surfed. Brian looks studious:

After some time at the 'Bucks, we moved on to our second location, the Bearden Greenway. This is one of my favorite locations to walk. It's beautiful and it connects to other greenways, so I can walk as long as I want. Our goal on Tuesday was to do just over 5 miles. There's a park at the 2.7 mile marker which makes for a convenient turn around point. What we didn't factor in was the crazy torrential, flooding, Noah-in-the-arc type rain we'd had the night before. Even though the greenway is paved our walking conditions looked like this:

And our plans to walk to Tyson park were impeded by a washed out bridge:

We turned back towards the car making a slight detour up a hill:

and saw my favorite sign of spring:

not a good picture, i know. They were still droopy from the rain
and we've already talked about my lack of photography skills.

Before our date was over, we went to Earthfare for lunch. I ate an ENORMOUS salad and Brian had a sandwich that was all kinds of delicious. Here's a gratuitous pic of me on the trail:

I feel super confident in workout clothes and
totally rocked these tights at Starbucks and Earthfare.