Monday, April 26, 2010


One of my goals this year is to hike more (6 times to be exact). Last week was a disappointing week for me. And I've generally been feeling taxed by our hectic schedule. Sooo, Brian and I planned a very inexpensive two day getaway.

Day One was spent hiking at Obed Wild and Scenic River - don't you just love that name? We hiked to the top of -something- and it was beautiful. Otis and Colt came with us and got some much needed exercise. We saw hawks circling at the top and felt like we were living the Discovery series Life.

My boys. Love the tongues.

I am so very strong!

Otis and Me.

Obligatory self-portrait.
The night of Day One and the day of Day Two were spent at my parent's lakehouse. We have enjoyed many family get togethers and holidays at the lakehouse. But this past week, the lake house was uninhabited. We didn't do much other than just be - and not worry about work or house stuff.
It was a refreshing couple of days. Writing about it makes me want more :)


  1. good googily moogily. there's a new post! how exciting :)