Sunday, April 3, 2011

Abram's Falls

As I've probably mentioned before, we are lucky to live near mountains and have access to many hiking trails. The biggest park in the area is Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It attracts a lot of tourism in the summer and fall. GSMNP really is beautiful. One of the most popular trails is Abram's Falls. It's a manageable hike for most activity levels, it's relatively short (5mi round trip), and you get the benefit of a beautiful waterfall. During the summer, you can't do this hike without looking at someone's rear end the whole way.

We both wanted to do Abram's falls again, so we decided to hit it up before the tourist season really picks up. It also helped that the day we went was overcast. Brian and I have done this hike together at least two times before. The last time we did it - well over a year ago - I remember both of us were struggling. I'm talking sucking wind and wondering when it was ever going to end.

Here we are at the trail head:

We took this picture when we were done with the hike. Shh.

and the obligatory self-portrait:

Brian channeling our dog, Otis:

see the resemblance?

we made it to the falls in what seemed like no time:

we ate a snack before hitting the trail back to the car:

This hike seemed so easy compared to the last time we did it. We were still breathing a little heavy on the uphills (who doesn't?), but it was so quick! This, my friends, is a benefit of regular exercise. It's also what I call a "non-scale victory" Another victory from this hike? I peed in the woods! I never do that. Was that too much info? sorry. Here's a sign that I thought was funny - I call it "tragic cyclist"

no cyclists were harmed in the taking of this photo

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  1. I wish I could go hiking:((( Hiking in my area would mean walking through a desert! Sigh:((