Friday, October 23, 2009

One A Day

One of the benefits of getting up and out of the house before 10am is morning radio. I love morning radio shows. So a few days ago, the morning show I listen to me reminded me of a concept I'd heard before. They were talking about how some people take one photograph a day as kind of a catalog of their life.

This concept got me thinking about how hard it is for me to keep up with my blog. Part of it is because most of my life seems mundane - not blogworthy. But I thought to myself, if I post a picture on my blog everyday some of them will have to be boring! So, with that thought and a few more days of mulling it over, I'm doing it.

My first goal will be to post a pic everyday for one week - not a lofty goal, but I gotta start somewhere. Here goes:

Today I got my hair colored. Meet Melissa, my hair girl:

I dig Melissa. She's been doing my hair for at least 2 years. See her cool pink peek-a-boo hair? That's new since I last saw her. Her hair is different every time - part of the fun.

How do you feel about my awesome mohawk? I think it's swell. No after pics - guess you'll have to see me in person - - and rave :)

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