Monday, February 14, 2011

For my Valentine

I've been planning an "I love Brian" post since his birthday last month, or for our anniversary (also last month). Of course, I'm a bad blogger, so I've let it go until Valentine's Day.

Dear Brian,

You know this already, but I cry when I hear "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry because it makes me think of you. It's about the cheesiest song in the world and certainly all the lyrics don't fit, but the beginning does:

You think I'm pretty

Without any make-up on

You think I'm funny

When I tell the puch line wrong

I know you get me

So I'll let my walls come down, down

When I was a teenager, and then adult, I spent a lot of time thinking about what would make me acceptable or worthy of love from guys. I made a lot of stupid mistakes (and was protected from a lot more). You were not the fix of that for me, praise God. Actually, God was gracious enough to let me work through some confidence/guy issues before I met you. About the time I had really begun to understand God's love for me and rest in that and be confident with others, you came along.

(As an aside to whoever's reading this: It drives me crazy when people say "it always happens when you least expect it." or "just relax! Stop looking and love will find you." I was definitely looking and dating when I met Brian.)

From the moment I met you, you made me feel desired, valued, pursued. I was so cocky after seeing you at church on Easter 2007. I knew you were hooked...I was too.

Brian visiting me in Atlanta (4/2007)

The weekend of my PSI graduation

Brian, it kind of blows my mind how great we are together. It sometimes drives me absolutely mad, but God so knew what He was doing! You're decisive when I like to keep gathering information. You're relaxed when I'm wound too tight. You coast, I plan. I worry, you reassure. I'm so glad you don't mind helping with the house - and that you don't mind the house being messy or the laundry staying un-done.

Lake house fun before the "real' lake house was built

At a wedding shower.

You're a hard-worker and a great provider. You are incredibly intelligent. And, I have to let the secret out, you are so compassionate and have such a beautiful heart. You're a great cook (which I thought would make me insecure, but it's turned out to be a relief). You hike with me. You love my friends and family.
hiking in Norris (i think)

I never, never, never in a million years thought someone else in the world (besides my family) would not just put up with but play along with my goofy, quirky, silly sense of humor. But here you are! Not only playing along, but adding in your own goofy, quirky, silliness. What a gift!

It seems like this month, as we anticipate God bringing a new little one into our lives, we are wrapping up the "just us" portion of our marriage.  I can't wait to see you as a dad - I'm excited about how great you're going to be. 

And since we are the king and queen of the self-portrait (maybe one day I'll figure out the timer on my camera), I'll leave you with a few more from our journey so far:

Now every February

You'll be my valentine, valentine

I love you, Brian Rozmus.  Don't forget it.