Sunday, January 23, 2011

One year.

One year ago today my little sister, Julie, got married.  I loved how I looked that day - my hair, my dress, my makeup.  I felt pretty.  And even now, I think I looked pretty.  But looking at these pictures on the computer after the wedding was one of those "I didn't realize I was that big" moments.  Here's me and Brian at Julie and Mike's reception:

Tonight, my dad and stepmom were so kind to ask us out on a triple date to celebrate our anniversaries.  Our anniversary is in three days and Julie and Mike's is, well, today.  Dad and Susan got married in August - but they can always celebrate.  Here's a pic from tonight:
Whew.  I'm so grateful for the grace that has gotten me a little smaller and a lot healthier in the past year.  I'm also grateful for a husband who loves me regardless, but I'll gush a little more about that in our anniversary post.


  1. So proud of you! Keep it up, I understand the struggle but I also understand how great it feels to see the difference in pictures:))