Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I've got to do this more often.

I'm thinking of deleting Facebook.  For all the reasons you've heard other people say those same words -- it's a time suck, there's too much drama, etc. 

I mostly post pictures of my kids and family -- things that I want to document, that I don't want to forget.  And I have thought for a while now that it would be more easier to recall if o posted those things to a blog -- even if they were little Facebook sized posts.  Truth is, I like the likes.  I'm *that* girl.  But I'm going to try to break away from social media (is this blog considered social media?) and tell our story here so that maybe I can print it out -- in the distant future when I have time to do anything that is not on my iPhone while I'm nursing the baby.

I let CC sleep with me last night and Graham always ends up in the bed with me (I'm a lazy breast-feeding mama), so I woke up to her talking to him.   
She sang to him too.  It went some thing like this: "you have strong arms" (as she holds his hand and waves it around) "you could punch somebody in the face."

Not much later, Henry started calling from his bed.  As I was feeding the baby,y big, sweet, helpful 7 yr old went to him.  I could hear her through the monitor making voices for his stuffed animals, "I'm Teddy P and I want to go see mama.  I'm Brett Keisel.  Yeah, I want to see mom."  

So my morning before Thanksgiving looked like this:

Brian, by the way, had been at work for 48hrs.  We were all glad to see him when he got home. 

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  1. I am posting a comment! I LIKE this post! I LIKE your plan! I LIKE these pictures! I LIKE you!