Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out with the old... with the new! I can't believe we are winding down 2009. Soon, I will complete my second year of marriage to my wonderful husband. '09 has been a journey for us. I spent the better part of it without a "normal" job and certainly without normal income! We explored so many options and knocked on countless doors seeking out what God would have for us. Here's what I learned:

God is always faithful - He can't be anything else.
It's okay to not have it all figured out.
God is always at work - for my good and His glory.

Gosh, I'm sure there are tons more...perhaps even yet to be realized.

I'm ending the year with two jobs. My full-time job is exactly the job I left over a year ago - doing emergency psychiatric evaluations. The schedule is slightly different, but it's the perspective change that is making this job a good thing for us. My second job is really a blessing. I'm working at my church as a counselor part-time. It is challenging and hard and wonderful and a total gift from God. My supervisor is great. I have so much peace about my jobs at this time - even if I'm still figuring out how to have balance.

Anyway, last year I posted a spiritual growth plan with what I now know are some ridiculous goals - I didn't meet many. Below is my more well-rounded goal list for 2010. Some of these will be fairly easy to meet - others, not so much.

2010 Goals

-accumulate 800 face to face hours
-attend 1 professional workshop
-read 2 books on counseling

-BSF lessons 3-5 days a week
-regular BSF attendance
-serve faithfully in Kid K’Nex
-regularly attend church services

-weekly “date” with Brian
-new addition

-long conversation with Christi – weekly
-long conversation with Jen – weekly
-face time with Jen – monthly
-face time with Christi – monthly
-develop friendship with another couple

-$1000 emergency fund
-zero balance on credit card
-building on emergency fund
-regular giving to Nicaragua/San Francisco
-maintain tithing

-stay in WW points range daily
-follow Dr’s orders

-1 getaway/vacation
-hiking 6 times

Anybody else out there care to share your goals? I'd love to see them.

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