Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brian is a grown up.

Brian turned 30 on January 9, 2011.  Since it was a milestone birthday, we wanted to do more than just the typical go-out-to-eat birthday celebration.  In our planning talks, I came up with many wonderful ideas - all of them go vetoed.  This celebration needed to be manly. 

We had the party on Saturday, the eighth.  Friends were invited to meet Brian at his friends outdoor shooting range and bring their own guns and ammo.  Shooting party = manly.  I was at work, so I missed this half of the party (don't feel too bad for me).  Here are some action shots:

The high that day was 35, so the standing around in the cold had to be painful.  I was told that a couple of guys resorted to sitting in the car with the heat on.

Afterwards, everyone headed to our house for dinner.  The menu theme was "Brian's favorite things."  We had pizza, cheesesteaks, and cheese dip.  His cake was deep chocolate with raspberry filling and a chocolate ganache icing - this was for his love of raspberry truffles.  Here he is blowing out his candles.

 And here's Kate helping me take the candles off the cake.  Including Kate, there were only three girls at the party.  Marta, how did we not get a picture of you?

Evan and Andrew:
 Stacy and Brian:
 Samantha and Chris Murphy:
 Jeff and Me (mising Becca):
 James and Chris Ladd having an unstaged good time:

We are blessed with good friends who are willing to share life with us. 

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