Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Never thought I'd answer that question

Imagine with me if you will...I'm giving the kids a bath.  The same one I posted about on Saturday (yep, no baths since then).  I'm combing conditioner through CC's hair and trying to keep an eye on Henry so he doesn't flop over.  

We'd had a little discipline earlier and always after a consequence, we say "when do I love you?"  To which CC knows to respond, "all the time."  I'm thinking that's what got her on the following train of thought:

CC: Mom, you love my body.
Me: Yes, I love all of you.
CC:  You love my privates?
Me: (feeling like this is a weird question, but not wanting to be shaming) Sure, honey, God made your privates. 
CC: Does God have privates?
Me:  ...

Oh the joy and entertainment of such an inquisitive little mind. I can't remember exactly what I said - - maybe something about God not being a person.  How would you have answered?

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  1. That's so funny! I have no idea how I would answer that.