Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Henry's birthday

Henry's birthday was the day after Thanksgiving this year.  
On his actual birthday.

We had a party on Saturday evening.  It was mostly family.  One of the only shows Henry watches is Daniel Tiger -- for the longest it was the only show he'd watch.  He's recently branched out to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Anyway, I say that to say that the (loose) party theme was Daniel Tiger.

With the help of some figurines I ordered from Amazon and a Pinterest post,I made a Daniel Tiger cake.
Henry helped.

He has mad decorating skills.

What?! It's tiger striped on the inside!! Let me give you a better look:
With Katerina Kitty cat on top because that's the way CC wanted it :)

Here are some other party pics:

Graham played musical laps.

Karis found my phone unattended.

Henry got a stuffed Daniel Tiger.

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