Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Thanksgiving came and went in an absolute blur.  Does time move faster with each additional child?  

We spent the night at my parents house on Wednesday so we could get up early and Turkey trot!  

  Dad, Kristi, Julie, and I ran the 5k.  Im working on getting back to where I was before Graham.  This one was a full minute per mile faster than my last 5k!  

Susan and Kristi (again) did the fun run with CC, Carter, and Ella.  

We came back.  I ate too many sausage balls, showered, put the boys down to rest and got ready for the big meal.  Here are pictures that Dad took.

CC and Ella

Brian's parents and our crew.  Brian is missing because he was at work -- sad face.  

Everyone who was at Thanksgiving!  There are a ton of us.  I love, love, love that both of my sets of parents and my in-laws were at one Thanksgiving meal.  It is truly a blessing to have such a gracious, loving family. 

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  1. Holy cow that's a lot of people! Bravo to you for getting out in the cold to Trot. I made the conscious decision not to trot this year. It was freeing. :)