Saturday, June 29, 2013

Henry is 7 months old!

Henry officially turned 7 months old yesterday.  It's been 7 months since I had him.  Seven. months.  Time is flying by me.

This month, Henry got two more teeth.  As it stands right now, he's got his two central incisors and one lateral incisor on the bottom.  And he's got two lateral incisors on top.  And yes, I did look up dental terminology before writing this post :) One of his central incisors (front teeth) is finally breaking the surface.  But for now, we get a hilarious little baby vampire grin:

Bottom teeth.
 Henry has also started solids with gusto.  In addition to pureed foods, we started letting him eat Baby MumMums while we were getting ready for dinner.  He's had some beans too - and cheerios:

Any excuse to post this picture.

He is sitting very well unassisted and loves to stand with help.  He gets a kick out of playing peek-a-boo while we are getting ready for bed.  I'll give him his sleeper while I'm changing his diaper and he'll put it over his face while I say, "where's Henry?" until he pulls it off and I say, "there you are!"  He giggles and kicks his feet.  Henry is such a happy little guy - we are daily delighted by his emerging personality.

He hasn't been weighed since his 6 month doctor visit - then he was 18lbs 6oz.  Any guesses on his current weight?  I can tell he's growing by how long and big he is when I'm trying to nurse him.  

I can also tell how much more alert and inquisitive he is.  Everything seems to be more interesting than nursing.  My friend, Marta, told me that at some point on the breastfeeding journey, I would get a little finger up my nose.  That was this month - but it came with the rest of his hand.  He likes to pat my face and grab my nose, or lips, or handfuls of my cheek. 

Here's Henry at two months (for comparison):

And at seven months:

The only time our happy guy seems to get cross is when we try to put him to bed - especially for a nap.  He does. not. want. to. - or he wants to nap while being held and rocked - a pattern we are guilty of creating.  So we are in the process of helping him to go to sleep in his bed.  No fun, but for a kid who is happy the rest of the time, I'll take it.

Current nicknames:
Teagan calls him: Henry Benry, H Baby, HB
Brian calls him: Biggie Smalls, Big Man
my sister, Tiffany, calls him: Jackpot, Hanky J

I'll wrap up with two pics that were too cute not to include:

Well, hello there.  I didn't realize you had a camera.

This Keisel dude's got nothin' on me.

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